It was reported that a collector in the Tallahassee, Florida area found five new George Washington Dollars missing the edge lettering. These dateless coins came from rolls search by a collector and a banker. It is unknown how many of these errors made it into circulation.

Although the US Mint has not commented on the errors, some collectors feel that this type of error was inevitable since the edge lettering is pressed into the coins after striking. Collectors have also found what can be described as scuffs on the edge of the coin from the edge lettering process. Others have reported marks noting the vertical lines made by the three-part collar used in the process.

Just as the new nation worked out some of the issues during the term of George Washington, the Mint may be working out their issues during the issuance of the coin honoring his presidency. It will be interesting to see how many edge errors are created during this release versus future presidential releases.

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