In a previous entry, I wrote that Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) would certify US Mint American Presidency $1 Coin Cover Series holders with the designation of “First Day of Mintage.” Like many, I assumed that NGC would remove the coins from the cover and put them into their standard slab. But NGC surprised us and announced a different program that gives the submitter the choice of encasing the coins in the standard NGC holders or have the entire cover sealed in a clear, semi-rigid plastic sleeve. NGC notes that this “allows the U.S. Mint packaging to be preserved while receiving the advantages of an NGC certified grade.”

The holder is reminiscent of the holders that are used by their sister company Paper Money Guarantee (PMG) where the cover will be encased in the sleeve with the label on top. The NGC label will include the year and mint mark of the coins, the name of the president it honors, and the designation “First Day of Mintage.” If the coins do not have the same grade, the grades will be listed separately.

In order to receive the “First Day of Mintage” designation, NGC recommends that the covers be submitted in the Mint wrapping still attached to the cardboard. NGC will not encase damaged or covers that appear to be tampered. NGC will only do this for covers produced by the US Mint. NGC will charge their standard rates for each coin. All minimums, insurance, and shipping fees apply.

Considering that the Mint’s covers do not have any text written inside the envelope or under the flap, the is a very good idea by NGC. The collector can have the experience of the collectible while allowing the coins to be graded by NGC. I probably will not avail myself of this service, but it is one of the better ideas a third-party grading service has had to extend their brand.

Images are from NGC.
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