After the ANA National Money Show in Charlotte I wrote about meeting Ken Bressett, the editor of the Red Book. Bressett was at the Whitman Publishing booth autographing copies of the newly released 2008 Red Book. Rather than purchase my copy from a dealer, I could not pass up the opportunity to have one autographed by Ken Bressett.

Bressett is a small, slight gentleman who is very gracious and pleasant. When I arrived at the table where Bressett was having a conversation with what seemed like an acquaintance, Bressett excused himself to speak with me. Unfortunately, I stammered like a star-struck teenager not knowing what to say to this icon of the industry. While being at a loss for words is not a usual occurrence, Bressett eased into small talk about the show.

For many years, the Red Book was the price guide for collectors. It was the first numismatic book I owned in the early 1970s. While that book is no longer part of my collection after being lost in one of my many moves, this autographed copy of the Red Book is now on my desk and will remain one of my treasured possessions.

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