My Uncle Bill died this past week, succumbing to the pancreatic cancer that he fought for the last year. His funeral was last Monday. Aside from being the patriarch of the family, he was a consummate teller of corny jokes, offerer of simple and sage advice, and an avid stamp collector. Although he gave up his philatelic endeavors a few years ago, he had a good sense for collecting. Uncle Bill was an inspiration for aspects of how I work with my current collection.

A few years ago, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my home. I spend the few days prior preparing and cooking for the few who avail themselves of my invitation for a home cooked Thanksgiving that includes my chestnut stuffing, which always gets rave reviews. While in my home, I showed Uncle Bill the row of Whitman Folders with my coins and the few albums I had. He noticed the age of the Whitman Deluxe album with the Roosevelt Dimes and suggested that I replace the album with a newer one and the folders for albums. Aside from updating to more archival quality materials, the albums will allow the viewing of both sides of the coins.

One thing I had not counted on was the toning from the older album. While looking at the dimes, Uncle Bill pointed out the album toning on a few coins. After the holiday weekend I purchased Whitman Classic albums, transferred the coins, and replaced the album toned coins. Then I systematically purchased Whitman Classic albums to replace the folders. With some exceptions, all of the folders have been replaced with albums.

It was Uncle Bill’s simple and sage advice that has improved the presentation and enjoyment of this hobby of kings. Thank you, Uncle Bill. Thank you for the advice. Thank you for all of the corny jokes. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for improving the lives of all around you.

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