The US Mint turning June into a busy month for collectors by releasing a lot of products. It started on June 4 with the Idaho quarters bags and two-roll sets. Yesterday, the Mint released the John Adams Coin Cover. Today, June 13, the 2007-W uncirculated American Silver Eagle bullion coin is now on sale. Next Tuesday, July 14, the proof and uncirculated First Spouse gold coins honor Martha Washington and Abagail Adams will be on sale. The Mint will also produce 1 5/16-inch bronze medals using the First Spouse designs without a denomination. Finally, on June 21, the Mint will release the Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set.

If you collect everything the Mint produces, the month of June will be expensive. As for me, I am interested in the American Silver Eagles and the Adams Coin Cover. I am not excited about the First Spouse coins. Aside from being expensive, I am not excited about the theme. I am not planning on purchasing the bronze medals.

As for the Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set, I will probably purchase a few sets since first issues tend to resell at a good premium. But the Mint has not said whether the proof, silver proof, and mint sets would contain the Presidential $1 coins. I will hold onto one until the Mint announces what they will do with those annual sets.

Is this too much product for the Mint? If you watch the releases from the Royal Canadian Mint, you may say that the US Mint is quite austere in their offerings. Although I wish the Mint would try to show more class, but their product offerings are regulated by law. Since the law requires the Mint to sell these products, it is difficult to blame them for legally implementing the policies forced upon them.

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