For some of us, collecting is fun in and of itself. But sometimes, you just have to have more fun and play with your money. We use our money to make art. We can also use nice coins to test our memory. But what about using coins to make jewelry? No, this is not about drilling a hole in the coin to make bracelets or necklaces. How about using a Kennedy half-dollar to make a ring?

The instructions found at this site requires a half-dollar, steel base, a spoon or small machinist hammer, a drill, sandpaper, channel lock plyers, a Dremmel or similar device, and metal polish. From the looks of the pictures, a 1964 silver Kennedy half-dollar was used. Silver may be softer than clad coinage, but the clad layering may make for an interesting 3-color look.

I have not done this. But I might consider using a 1965-1970 40-percent silver clad half-dollar for a different look. Enjoy!

Image from the website discussed.

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