Step right up and get your Presidential Dollars, here! If you act now, the US Mint will sell you dollars any way you can slice, dice, and package them.

Bags and rolls are so 2007. No, your Mint can do better… aside from a new US Mint branded album that can only hold two years worth of dollars so you can pay them every couple of years until the program runs out, the Mint has created all new collectibles just for you!

But the Mint does not stop there. Oh no… now you can get a new Dollar Set with uncirculated coins and an uncirculated American Silver Eagle. Isn’t this exciting, boys and girls?

But wait, there’s more! The Mint cannot let all those unused coins sit around. So it’s inventory reduction time and you can benefit from their situation. Rather than go to the bank and buy boring rolls, get your dollars on specially printed souvenir cards. That’s right… your US Mint has come up with a new set of collectibles offering souvenir set with only Philadelphia coins, or a set with only Denver coins, or a complete P&D set. What a bargain!!

I know what you are saying… you like those shiny proof coins. Nothing beats a beautiful shiny coin, right? Well, the US Mint has you covered. in addition to the standard proof set which is so last week, the Mint will sell you individual cards with proof coins from each of the first four presidents: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.

But you ask, what about the ladies… we cannot leave out the ladies, right? OF COURSE NOT!!

Take an uncirculated coin of George and add a Martha bronze medal, and viola… an instant collectible! If George and Martha are not on your Christmas list, you can also buy the Adams family, Tommy Jefferson and the medal not of his wife (or Sally Hemmings), and you can say hello to Dolly and James Madison!

ACT NOW! Offers this good do not last long. Just contact the US Mint and order yours today!!

While my tone is tongue-in-cheek, the product list is not! It was announced last week. I admit to being somewhat of a US Mint fan when it comes to souvenir products. Since the quarters “craze” began, I have been buying many of the Mint souvenirs. I have collections of the First Day Covers, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, the Stamps and Quarters portfolios, but I think this is going way too far! I may consider the card with the dollar and the First Spouse Medal, but that’s all. The number of Presidential Dollar products is really over the edge!!

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