Numismatic Guarantee Corporation unveiled a new holographic label that will be placed on the back of their slabs. The new label is wider than the previous version and includes the logos of the American Numismatic Association and Professional Numismatic Guild touting NGC being the official grading service of these organizations. A key addition to the label is the mention of their new Terms & Conditions website at

The original announcement (which has been taken off the NGC site, see below) noted that the site does not link to any commercial sites. But during my investigation, I found three links to the US Mint. While the US Mint is not a “commercial” site, it might as well be since they run commercial operations. Ok… it’s a small nit, but it’s my nit!

For the basic “this is what you need to know” about coin grading, I think that NGC hit the mark. The site is simple and to the point. Two pages that I find very beneficial are The NGC Grading Scale and Strike Characters and other Designations. Both pages clearly defines what everything means in a matter-of-fact manner that I appreciate.

NGC removed the announcement page from their website because there was a spelling error in the label. NGC is aware of the error and is making the appropriate changes. However, there are reports that a “small number” of slabs with the erred hologram were delivered to customers. I wonder if this will be a new type of rarity!

Image courtesy of NGC.

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