As time passes, I have found it is difficult to stick with buying only New York-related items for my New York collection. This time, I was helped by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. After receiving an email alert, I was notified about the 2008 $2 Single Note folder.

As a celebration of 2008, this offer was for an uncirculated Series 2003A $2 Federal Reserve Note with a serial number beginning with “2008xxxxD.” There is a total of 10,000 notes for this series. The BEP’s second offering in this series was for notes printed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. I thought this was a great addition to a New York collection, so I ordered three!

The three notes, consecutively numbered, came this week. I was surprised how simple, yet nice, the packaging was. The folder is made of a soft cardboard, 9½ inches wide by 5 inches high (10 inches when open) that is nicely printed and folded over. The notes are in archival sleeves with open tops. I am very happy with the purchase and the performance of the BEP with this transaction. The BEP’s customer service helped me resolve a minor issue (I ordered the wrong item) with no problems and then shipped the order promptly. Maybe the US Mint should hire the BEP as their customer service representatives.

Pictures are of one of the folders received. The Notes have been marked as “copies” to prevent counterfeiting.

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