Cameron Kiefer, the last man standing at ICG following the raid on ICG by ANACS posted a note on the Collectors Universe forums saying the he resigned his position as a grader at ICG and will become a dealer of “high end moderns, type coins, errors and world coins graded by all four companies.” Kiefer has already set up an account on eBay to sell coins.

This appears to be the first high profile departure from either company since the upheaval. Although I have been privately assured that both companies are functioning properly, there continues to be an outward uncertainty. There is little continuity with ICG that would make me comfortable submitting coins, especially using the CONECA attribution service With ICG grading.

As for ANACS, it appears that their website has not been updated in more than a month, including their Coin of the Month article with broken image tags. This may sound small, but a company looking to maintain its image should consider using their website as a customer service tool and a way to communicate to customers. With the uncertainty as to how they are doing, I may send Morgan Dollars I want certified and identified by their VAM designations to a different service.

Good luck Cameron. Maybe we can do business in the future.

Image of Cameron Kiefer from the ICG Website

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