As the first weeks of spring and the fiscal quarter, there seems to be a lot of activity in the numismatic markets. Even as the precious metals market is fluctuating like a running roller coaster, the numismatic market seems to be going like gang busters. Numismatic News is reporting that Heritage Auction Galleries will auction an original, not restrike, 1804 dollar at the next Central States Numismatic Society convention. The coin is certified MS65 by NGC and is expected to be sold for the highest price for a silver dollar.

A reader sent an email asking if I thought the growth was pushing the ordinary collector out of the market. My initial reaction was to look at what the trade press was writing about high end, rare coins, and think that I could not afford those coins. Even the “low end” coins selling over $100,000 is out of my price range. I was ready to answer “yes, the ordinary collector is not part of this market.”

Then I looked at my own collecting activities. After all, I consider myself an ordinary collector. As the market grew and the economy turned, rather than gather many collections, I am concentrating on a few item types. For example, my New York connection was able to add some nice items from a variety of sources. All are interesting and inexpensive collectibles.

When I answered, I told my correspondent that maybe the generalist collector could be priced out of the market, but a collector with a passion and goal can still find affordable numismatic items for their collection. There is nothing wrong with creating specific collecting goals and I encourage you to find yours.

Happy Collecting!

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