Whitman Publishing sent out an email notice announcing that they will be selling a complete line of folders for Canada coins. With a shipping date of May 23, Whitman’s 12 new folders will include large cents, small cents (2 folders), 25 cents (5 folders), and dollars (4 folders).

The announcement did not mention folders for the 5 cents, 10 cents, and two dollar (Toonie) coins.

When I started collecting Canadian coins a few years ago, I first went to Whitman for folders and albums. That is when I found that Whitman discontinued producing Canadian coin folders. I bought a few used folders from the secondary market, but were disappointed with their quality. After a search and then having a conversation with a Canadian coin dealer, I found Gardmaster Coin Albums.

Pockets in Gardmaster albums are in a slider that fits into sleeves within the album page. Slide the strip from the page, place the coin in the correct pocket, and slide the strip back into the page. Coins remain secured within the album. Gardmaster says the materials are archival safe.

Gardmaster albums use a snap-lock system to keep the pages secured. Although the album is not as attractive as the Whitman or other albums, the system is highly effective. If you don’t like their album, the pages will fit into almost any binder.

After having problems with the variable size of early US large cents fitting in the “standard size” Whitman folders, I bought a blank Gardmaster US Cents folder for that collection.

Although I have my favorite place to buy Gardmaster albums, others sell them in context to replace old Harco Coinmaster albums.

I highly recommend Gardmaster albums for the Canadian coin collector and others looking for a different type of album.

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