I went to see my orthopedist on Friday for a post-operative check up. While the visit went well, the office building where he is located is a very long walk from the front door to the elevator. Rather than make this my Friday to get my new iPhone 3G (I still want one) I have been recovering from that shlep.

While surfing the Internets, I was looking for interesting video. Other than the usually list of follies, viral videos, and cuts of previous on air performances (“needs more cowbell!”), I found something numismatic I wanted to share.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing calls this B-Roll video of the printing of the new $5 notes. “B-Roll” is a television term for background video that is interspersed with another story. It received its name from the days of editing video segments on film where the primary story with the reporter talking was on the “A” or primary roll of film while the background information was on the B-Roll. The term has survived through the video and now digital era. Eventually, it is placed in the archive and later called “stock footage.”

If you are interested, you can find the B-Roll information in the Media Center on the BEP New Money website.

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