I was visiting the site for the New York Public Library looking to see what government records they have that would show information about my family when I decided to click the link for the The Library Shop. I wanted to find out what souvenirs could be found in a library gift shop, other than bookmarks.

It was surprising to find a section for Jewelry. While visiting the site, I clicked on the section for rings and paged through the section to find very interesting coin rings. Rather than the smooth, flat rings, like I wrote about in the past, you can see the design inside and out. It is almost as if the ring was folded over and formed.

Coin rings are custom made and can be made from a Walking Liberty Half Dollar, New York State Quarter, Mercury Dime, and Morgan Dollar. The listing says that the coins require 1-2 weeks and can be made in sizes of up size 12 for the dime and quarter, size 14 for the half and dollar coins.

I may buy myself an early holiday present!

Image courtesy of The Library Shop at the New York Public Library

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