A fascinating aspect of numismatics is to learn how the coins we collect are made. Whenever a television show has a story on the production of coins or currency, I always watch with interest. One show where I have seen an interesting presentation on minting coins is on a show called How It’s Made that is airing on Discovery network’s Science Channel.

For those not familiar with How It’s Made, it shows how various items are manufactured in nicely edited five-minute vignettes. Although the producers find manufacturers all over the world to show how products are made, the show is based in Canada. So rather than try to pierce the veil of the US Mint for the show, they went to the Royal Canadian Mint to show how commemorative coins are made.

Thanks to another How It’s Made fan posting the segment on YouTube, watch how the RCM makes commemorative coins:

On January 9, 2009 at 10:30 PM (EST), the Science Channel will be airing How It’s Made: REMIX, a show where they bring in separate vignettes under one theme. This show features currency. According to their online schedule, the stories planned for this show is change machines, gold, stamps, and collectible coins. Check your local listing to find the Science Channel in your area.

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