In the more than three years I have been writing this blog, I keep finding interesting things to write about. The problem is finding the time to write about what I find or my thoughts. But sometimes, I find something that I thought was going to give me one story but turns into something else. Let me explain…

The other day, I went to my bank’s ATM to withdraw money. As I was counting the notes the machine delivered to me, I noticed one was stamped with something. Since I was in the car, I put the note in my pocket to look at it at home. I was thinking that the last time I saw a stamp on a note, it was for the “Where’s George” website.

Where’s George is a web-based project to track the circulation of US paper money. The project was started by tracking the movement of one dollar notes and expanded to other bills. People are prompted to visit the website when they receive bill stamped with the information. Website visitors are asked to enter some basic information (denomination, serial number, series, and location) to the where your note has been and to register its current location. When I find a well circulated note with the Where’s George, it is interesting to follow the note’s trail. Registered users can track the progress of the notes they enter.

For our friends north of the border, you can visit Where’s Willy. “Willy” is Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the first French Canadian Prime Minister (1896-1911). Sir Laurier’s portrait is on the Canadian $5 bill.

After the ten minute drive home, I looked at the note and found something unexpected. It was a stamp campaigning for Ron Paul for president along with his campaign’s web address. Dr. Paul, a Republican from the 14th District of Texas, unsuccessfully ran for the GOP nomination in 2008.

Dr. Paul is a fascinating person who has a unique approach to governance. While I may not agree with his political philosophy, I respect that he does not make emotional decisions and goes out of his way to educate himself on the issues. Dr. Paul is one of the few members of congress I respect for really trying to govern with integrity.

So if you find this $20 bill in change, follow its path after I spend it sometime this weekend. It has been entered into the database at Who knows, maybe it can find its way to Texas!

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