After finding out that the US Mint will stop producing certain coins, I went to several banks Friday afternoon and Saturday morning looking for rolls of 2009 coins. Aside from my bank, I went to several banks where I have been able to easily find rolls of dollar coins.

A few banks allowed me to look through their rolls, without opening then of course. Tellers brought boxes of coins from the “back room” they received from their supplier. I searched the rolls, limiting my examination to shotgun rolls, looking at the ends for 2009 coins.

While searching the rolls standing in the banks, I did not find a shotgun roll with identifiable 2009 coins. In fact, I did not find a roll with uncirculated cents. Few had rolls of Presidential Dollars but no 2008 Martin Van Buren dollars, which I continue to have a difficult time finding.

I took a chance with four dime and two nickel rolls that showed the reverse on both ends of the shotgun rolls. After I searched the rolls, I found $44 worth of mostly 2007 and 2008 coins.

I have yet to see circulating 2009 coins. The DC Quarter and William Henry Harrison Dollar I have came from the change machines at the US Mint Headquarter.

As I noted in my last post, 2009 could produce the fewest coins since the early 1950s. I wonder what the premium will be in 5-10 years when (hopefully) the economy improves?

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