A retired psychologist in Truro, Massachusetts on Cape Cod found a 17th century sixpence while digging in his garden.

It was reported that Dr. Peter Burgess retired to Truro and decided to plant a garden. While digging in March 2008, he found the coin. Although it was very worn, Dr. Burgess did some Internet research and contacted Louis Jordan of the Department of Special Collections at University of Notre Dame. Jordan verified that the coin was a William III sixpence.

William III of Orange was King of England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1689-1702. He was King along side his wife, Queen Mary II until her death in 1694. William endowed the College of William and Mary in present day Williamsburg, VA.

I found a video of an interview with Burgess by the Cape Cod Times:

Even though the coin is worn, I think it is worth something. In any case, it is a good find!

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