Henderson, North Carolina is a small town north of Raleigh. Henderson was founded in 1785 by Samuel Reavis, Sr. and named for North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Leonard Henderson. Reavis was a tobacco farmer and the town grew with the tobacco industry in North Carolina. When the Raleigh & Gaston railroad line was completed in 1835, Henderson became a regional trading area for tobacco, cotton, and textiles.

For most travelers today, Henderson is just about the only place to stop along I-85 between the northern most point of the highway in Petersburg, Virginia and Raleigh. Like many travelers, as I made my way north, I checked my car’s gas gauge and levels of personal fluids and made the decision to stop at one of Henderson’s fine service areas.

Following my purchase, I notice that the change handed to me included a few very shiny Lincoln cents. Considering my past experience, I dropped the coins in my pocket and returned to my car. After sitting for a few seconds thinking about the possibilities, I reached into my pocket to check my find. To my amazement I found three Lincoln Log Cabin Cents! All three were from the Philadelphia Mint and looked like they were from recently opened rolls.

This is the second time I found new Lincoln Cents in North Carolina. In fact, it is the only state where I have found 2009 coins! So when I returned to the DC area, I promptly spent the coins to put them in circulation here.

I still have not found any other 2009 coin in change including the DC and Territories Quarters. But I will keep checking.

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