Last week, Krause Publications announced that the voting is open for the 2009 People’s Choice Coin of the Year is now open (login required; free registration). Voting will take place on their website and will run through January 10, 2010.

Voters can choose from 20 coins from around the world issued in 2008. Coins were nominated by their respective mints and selected by a panel of experts assembled by Krause Publications. This year’s nominations are:

  1. Latvia, 1 Lats silver, 90th anniversary of statehood
  2. Hungary, 5,000 Forint gold, Tokaj wine region
  3. China, 10 Yuan silver, Panda 1-ounce silver
  4. Germany, 10 Euro silver, Max Plank
  5. Perth Mint, 1 ounce silver
  6. Royal Australian Mint, 1 dollar silver, Kangaroo proof
  7. United States, 25 cents, Alaska state quarter
  8. Poland, 20 Zlotych silver, 65th anniversary of Warsaw ghetto uprising
  9. Belarus, 20 Roubles gold, house warming
  10. Canada, 25 dollars silver, Vancouver Olympics colorized bobsled
  11. Lithuania, 100 Litas gold, millennium of name of Lithuania
  12. Pobjoy Mint, 2 pounds silver, oldest reigning monarch
  13. Italy, 10 Euro silver, 500th anniversary of the birth of Andrea Palladio
  14. Austria, 5 Euro silver, 100th birthday of Herbert von Karajan
  15. Denmark, 20 Kroner gold, Sea stallion from Glendalough
  16. Japan, 500 Yen nickel-brass, centenary of the Japanese Immigration to Brazil
  17. Finland, 10 Euro silver, Flag of Finland
  18. United Kingdorm, 2 pounds gold, London Olympics centenary
  19. Israel, 10 Sheqalim gold, 60th anniversary of Independence Day
  20. South Africa, 25 Rand gold, Gandhi

Winners of the People’s Choice Awards, and other Coin of the Year winners, will be announced at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany, on January 30, 2010.

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