The Coin Collectors Blog is a labor of love. I love numismatics. I love to collect various numismatic items. I love to write and I love to write about what I do numismatically. Entries on this blog range from my experiences, to news about numismatics, to my opinions. It is one person speaking from one corner of the numismatic world.

In real life, I am an expert in information security which I use to help the federal government keep their systems safe. It is a difficult job but gratifying when the systems I work on are hardened to prevent the issues you might have read about in the newspapers. I have been working professionally with computers for over 30 years and spanned quite a bit of interesting computer history—but that will be the topic of another blog (stay tuned). Numismatics and learning about numismatics is an enjoyable hobby that I used to escape from the bits and bytes of my working life.

Recently, someone came across my July 22, 2008 post Paper v. Coin Dollars where I make the case for the US to cease production of the paper $1 federal reserve note. The reader did not like what I said and posted an anonymous comment that began “The whole dollar coin scheme is a leftist globalist scheme anyway.”

Excuse me? If this commenter thought that post was leftist, I wonder what that person would think of my Reforming America’s Currency series?

The posts I make to this blog are purposely non-political. Everything I write on this blog are either reporting the news or observations. Editorial content has no political slant or agenda. It is what I feel is the best for the hobby and country.

I do not mind if readers disagree with me. In fact, I would love to hear from more people who disagree with me because it provides a different point of view that I can learn from. But please do not accuse me of having a political agenda because my only agenda on this blog is numismatics.

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