While the Washington, DC area continued to dig out of Snowmageddon II, US Mint held a ceremony on Friday, February 11, 2010 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to introduce the 2010 Lincoln Cent. The new coin features the new shield reverse as being emblematic of the “Preservation of the Union.” The shield is featured in many of the frescos painted by Constantino Brumidi throughout the US capitol. Brumidi was the Artist of the capitol during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency.

The obverse is a slightly modified bust of Lincoln designed by Victor David Brenner that has been used since the first Lincoln cent was released in 1909.

Although the launch of the 2010 Lincoln Cent went on as schedule, the sales and distribution in the Washington, DC area was postponed because of the weather conditions. No announcement was made as to if or when the sale will be rescheduled.

The following video has scenes from the launch in Springfield, Illinois and some B-Roll footage:

Here is the video from the State Journal-Register from Springfield, Illinois:

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