We start our look at the police blotter by reporting that FBI officials in New York reported that they arrested a Manhattan-based jeweler for allegedly robbing noted dealer Julian Leidman. Leidman estimated that 90-percent of his inventory has been recovered of an estimated $1 million worth of coins. Leidman’s car was broken into while he stopped at a restaurant in Montville, NJ on the way home from a show in Stamford, Connecticut.

ELKHART, Indiana—Police are warning business that someone is passing counterfeit $100 notes. All notes are using the same serial number (HE88210403B) and appear realistic. What is worrying police is that the bills are not responding to counterfeit detection pens, suggesting the notes were probably printed on bleached lower denomination notes. Police are suggesting that merchants check “100” in the lower right hand corner for color shifting ink. It is being reported that the same notes are showing up across the border in Dowagiac, Michigan.

DANBURY, Connecticut—Police arrested two Brooklyn, NY men for passing $700 worth of $100 notes at Danbury Fair Mall on Sunday. A third suspect allegedly got away. The men attempted to pass these notes for small purchases, usually less than $10, but raise the suspicion of a clerk who called the police. When arrested, one of the men was in possession of two counterfeit $100 notes and marijuana. Another was arrest with more counterfeit notes while trying to shoplift at another store. Both men are being held on $45,000 bonds.

ALLEN PARK, Michigan—According to a criminal complaint filed in the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, a man was arrested for counterfeiting $100 notes in a local hotel room. The alleged perpetrator was buying household chemicals at a local store and using them to bleach $5 notes. The notes were then printed using a printer in the room. When the police arrested the man they found 49 counterfeit $100 notes and eight bleach $5 notes. The man arrested said that he was going to use the money to buy large amounts of marijuana for resale.

SALISBURY, Maryland—A Virginia woman is in custody for passing counterfeit notes to several Salisbury businesses. Janet Perrin, 27, was extradited from Fairfax, VA on a warrant charging her with three counts each of possession of counterfeit money and manufacturing counterfeit money. It has been alleged that Perrin passed more than 10 counterfeit $100 notes.

Also in Salisbury, Maryland, it was reported that Shawn L. Brown, 35, was arrested and charged with counterfeiting currency and indecent exposure on September 20 by Maryland State Police. No further information has been published.

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