Do you have a question?

Really… is there something you are trying to find out or do you have a coin you are trying to identify?

If so, drop me a note.

Over the last few weeks I have been receiving questions in some very odd places. Someone sent a question via Twitter about a coin that was made part of their avatar. Another person invited me onto Facebook wanting to ask a question. And recently, an anonymous person left a question as a comment to one of my posts.

I do not mind answering questions. In fact, I like the attention! And once I get past my ego loving the attention, I think I do a pretty good job answering questions. If I cannot answer your question, I have a few contact I can ask. A lot of times I learn something in the process, which satisfies my curiosity.

If you send questions asking about the identification of an item, I ask that you please send clear images of the front and back. These are great questions. Some of the images I have seen has lead to interesting stories including one about prohibition.

Please do not send offers to purchase or invest in anything. I will not respond to those requests.

Also, I treat all email as private communications. Private means that it will stay between you and me and will not appear on the blog. I will not publish anything we discuss on the blog without asking your permission. I promise!

You can click the link above to contact me or the Email Me link in the left column. Go ahead… make me learn something new!

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