On Friday, January 6, 2012, the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors held an open meeting at the annual Florida United Numismatists Show in Orlando, Florida. Although it was reported that it was a “dull” meeting, I was disappointed to find out about the meeting on Monday from the press. No other communication options were offered.

This is not making the organization open to its members.

During a Board of Governors meeting in November, an ANA staff member posted highlights to the ANA Twitter and Facebook accounts—and only if you happen to be paying attention at the time. After the meeting I wrote, “Someday the ANA will have a better information management and communications policies so that this information is more accessible to the membership in ways other than relying on Twitter.”

This time, the ANA did not even use Twitter or Facebook.

For an organization whose membership has remained relatively stagnant for the last 20 years, the ANA must find ways to involve membership, especially those under 40 who should be mentored to carry on the association’s long term visions.

Every time I discuss the issue of communications and leveraging social media, I am told that the nuances of social media has to be explained to one or more board members. With all due respect to the members of the Board of Governors, social media is the future of communications and this is how you are going to reach potential members under 40.

I know that Governor Greg Lyon is leading an effort from the Board to look at how technology can help the ANA. But that committee will require a little time to start looking into the issues and suggest policy. That does not mean the Board of Governors could not set interim policies. The new policy can be something as simple as requiring that ANA communications use social media to announce meetings and perform live updates during those meetings.

At least make an attempt to reach out using social media. You might find interest not only with current members but find potential new members in the process.

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