It is homecoming weekend at my undergraduate alma mater. For the first time in many years, I am off to join other alumni to relive some good times from our youth in front of more than 92,000 of our closest friends. I’m sure we will find time to watch some football.

In the mean time, let me leave you with this video for a little weekend fun. Magician Rick Lax performs a trick to penetrate a clear drinking glass with a coin.

Rick Lax sent the link to me in hopes I would give him some free publicity. Since it is a cool trick and it only costs $19.95 to learn how to do it, I thought I would give him a shout out for the trick. Click here to learn more about the trick.

If you want to really have some fun, you can watch my personal Twitter stream. I might take some pictures before the game, from the field during pre-game, and provide other commentary during the game!

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