Je suis CharlieSometimes it is difficult to separate the world from numismatics.

Numismatics has always been the ultimate expression of politics and history. Governments, which control the currency they release, decide what images are imprinted on their coins and currency and how they appear. People may argue over those depictions but in the end, they are the images that last.

Victors commemorate their triumphs on coins and currency.

Losers ignore those eras as if they did not exist. Sometimes, they even pass laws that makes those previous thoughts illegal as they have in Germany and Canada with regard to World War II.

We here in the United States cherish our freedoms. Freedom of speech and expression are a hallmark of our society. Even if the speech is disagreeable, the right to be wrong is as strongly protected as any other expression in our society.

I am able to write about numismatics and have the freedom to criticize the government on how it treats the hobby because of those freedoms.

Because this is not supposed to be a political blog I hesitated to comment on the shootings that occurred in Paris at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. But as a member of the world community whose blog is read in 22 countries (according to my logs), I want to extend my condolences to the people of France who lost loved ones for either being someone expressing their opinions as satyr or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I apologize for the delay because it is a bit off topic.

Countries use coins and currencies as their vehicle for expression, I use this blog. We cannot ignore the power of the written word or the privilege of freedom.

Je suis Charlie!

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