The current $10 Federal Reserve Note featuring Alexander Hamilton

The current $10 Federal Reserve Note featuring Alexander Hamilton

Since Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that the re-designed $10 note will feature the portrait of a woman, there have been a lot of polls popping up asking for readers to add their opinions as to whose portrait Secretary Lew should choose. Most polls have selected up to five different women with an option to add your own.

Not to be outdone, we here at the Coin Collectors Blog want to give our readers more choice. Rather than limit to the choices to a perceived top set of picks, we culled several polls and will ask what our readers think about all of the potential choices. In fact, in addition to the choice to choose someone else, you can even choose to leave the Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, on the $10 note. And to be further inclusive, I am adding an “I do not care” option to the poll.

Before someone asks, I removed Susan B. Anthony as an option because she appeared on the $1 coin. Anthony has already appeared on circulating currency, albeit one that was not well received. We should make the opportunity available for someone else.

Vote note. Tell your friends. If there are at least 50 votes, I will submit the winner to the Treasury as this community’s vote.

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