U.S. Mint Announces 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollars Availability
U.S. Mint Backs Off of Higher Household Limits

There continues to be a disconnect between the U.S. Mint and the collecting community. First, they announce the availability of the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollar coins with a household limit of 25 coins. Then, claiming they heard collectors, they lower the household limit to 10 coins.

What everyone missed in the announcement is the obnoxiously low mintage limits for these coins. Since the legislation does not specify mintage limits, why is the U.S. Mint limiting the number of coins they are selling? It does not take a professional market analyst to note that the limits will drive profiteering against the collector community. If they need a recent example, look at the 2021-W American Silver Eagle Proof Original Reverse coins.

National Coin Weeks Ends

News watchers may have noticed mainstream news outlets wrote a few more stories about National Coin Week than in the past. The stories included something about the 2021 dollar coins, whether it was the Morgan and Peace tributes or the innovation dollar.

The free offer for Gold Membership to the ANA also ended on Saturday. The ANA will let me know next week how many took advantage of my offer. Although the advertising said that I would sponsor 25, I provided enough money to sponsor 50 new members. I hoped 50 people became ANA members this past week!

And now the news…

 April 25, 2021
CHICAGO– U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at Chicago’s International Mail Facility (IMF) recently seized 281 shipments containing various counterfeit coins and $100 bills with 95% of the shipments arriving from China.  → Read more at cbp.gov

 April 25, 2021
— Astronaut Sally Ride will be depicted on a U.S. coin looking out a spacecraft window at Earth, if the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury agrees with the recommendations made by two advisory panels for the design of quarter dollar to be issued in 2022.
  → Read more at collectspace.com
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