I have not talked about my favorite news of January, and I waited until I received a numismatic collectible to go along with the news. In case you have not heard

After Georgia’s 33-18 victory over Alabama to capture our first National Championship in 41 years, my fingers sprinted to the Georgia Bookstore website to place a significant order. Included in my order was the obligatory numismatic item to add to my collection

Struck by the Highland Mint of Melbourne, Florida, I added the gold-plated medal to my collection next to my 2018 Rose Bowl victory commemorative medal.

The Highland Mint has limited production to 5,000 medals. It is a 39 mm gold-plated masterpiece that has me excited.

The Dawg Nation has been celebrating for the last three weeks. We are ecstatic and will continue to celebrate for the next few months. In the meantime, I may go to the Highland Mint’s website to see what else I can add to my collection. HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS!

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