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The love of a dog can never be measured. When you bring one into your home and heart, the bond is instantaneous and enduring. Bring in two, and it is a house full of barking, messes, love, and affection. My wife and I raised two puppies, a brother, and a sister, from different litters.

When the youngest has been with you for 13 years and 7 months, it may be a long time, but it feels like yesterday. We raised Tessa from a puppy from the day we picked her up in November 2008.

We used to say that if Tessa was human, she’d be a party girl. Tessa was a fun-loving dog who was very intelligent but would rather play. She did not have a short attention span, but it was short when she was not playing.

Aside from annoying her (late) brother, Boomer, Tessa’s favorite pastime was eviscerating toys. Any stuffed toy would not last more than a few moments, and she would attack, and the stuffing would be all over the house. If the toy had a squeaker, Tessa would chew it until it stopped squeaking.

Tessa slowed down a lot over the last two years, and age was catching up with her. Amongst her ailments, Tessa had arthritis in her hips. We bought a doggie stroller to bring her around the neighborhood. Since I had some time off on Monday, Tessa and I went for a long walk. The image on this post is from that walk. It was the last time we had quality time together.

On Saturday, Tessa went into respiratory failure, and we rushed her to the veterinary hospital. For a while, it seemed that she was stable and could get better, but she took a turn for the worse. We had no choice but to help her end this journey and lead her on to her next journey across the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope Tessa finds her brother Boomer, and they are running around like they did so many years ago. Sweet dreams, my baby-baby sweetheart. You will be missed.

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