A while ago, I heard from Donna Guthrie, teacher and children’s book author, who created a new website called Meet Me At the Corner. Meet Me At the Corner hosts kid-friendly videos about many topics of interest to kids. Kids are encouraged to produce a video about a topic of interest and submit them for the world to see. For those who need assistance, there is a video to explain how to make videos.

Donna wrote to me around Presidents Day to alert me about the new video about one kid’s visit to the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum located at the American Numismatic Association headquarters in Colorado Springs.

The video by Amanda tours the museum with and interviews ANA educator Rod Gillis. Amanda asks about coins, collecting, and the new Lincoln Cent issues. Amongst the tour during the video, Amanda is shown the two examples of the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel the ANA holds. Rod tells Amanda that one of the five known coins was sold last year for $4 million. Amanda does a great interview and probably does better than most adults!

Go to the site and watch the video. It is worth the time. When you are done, pass it along to a young numismatist for their enjoyment.

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