Government ShutdownIn the ongoing drama that is United States Federal government, a shutdown is looming over the shear idiocy of idiot-loges on both sides of the aisle attempting the rule and not govern. All 537 politicians elected to federal office are in need of a good spanking.

First, here are some impacts:

  • According to the Office of Management and Budget, a government shutdown will cost taxpayers an extra $40-60 million per day.
  • The District of Columbia is reporting that a shutdown will cost the city about $2 million per day in lost revenues.
  • Maryland and Virginia has not reported their potential economic impact of a shutdown.
  • UPDATE (4:40pm): Local news reports say that over 835,000 workers will be effected by a shutdown with at least 80-percent being in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Some estimates are saying that it could cost the region up to $20 million per day.

What does this mean for the money manufacturing bureaus of the country?

  • The U.S. Mint is not answering inquiries about pending shutdown. Media is directed to contact OMB for more information.
    UPDATE (1:40pm): The U.S. Mint will not allow tours of the Philadelphia and Denver mints during a government shutdown.
  • Office of Management and Budget is not answering the telephone. Rather, they requested that an email be sent with detailed questions. Email inquiries have yet to be answered.
  • When calling the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, their phone is either busy or when trying to get past the voice response system for the Office of External Relations, the system says “the person you attempted to reach is unavailable.” An email was sent to the BEP’s general inquiry account and OMB asking about the operations at the BEP.
    UPDATE (3:30pm): An email note was received from the BEP saying to contact a spokesperson at the Department of the Treasury. Telephone and email messages have not been returned.
    UPDATE (4:10pm): Both the Washington and Fort Worth plants will not hold tours if there is a government shutdown at midnight tonight.
  • Since the Federal Reserve is an independent organization and not subject to congressional appropriations, they will remain open during a shutdown. The shutdown will not affect the launch of the new $100 Federal Reserve Note planned for October 8.

UPDATE (5:30pm): According to the Treasury Department:

Operations of the following bureaus are funded from sources other than annual Congressional appropriations, and would operate normally if a government shutdown were to occur: the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the United States Mint, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).

This post will be updated as new information is provided.

Representatives of these agencies may contact me via email to provide additional information. Please note that I do respect the confidentiality of sources!

NOTE: I am not a member of any political party. I am a proponent of government employees who do not deserve the way they are being treated by the elected officials.
Image courtesy of Adam Bitely at NetRightDaily.

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