A friend sent an article from Canadian Broadcast Company website entitled RCMP find fake coin factory near Montreal. The story claims that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Quebec Police “have broken up a highly sophisticated counterfeit ring that was manufacturing fake loonies and toonies”

For those who do not collect or use Canadian money, loonie; is the nickname of the Canadian one dollar coin. The name was adopted because the reverse of the coin has an image of the common loon. The toonie is the nickname of the Canadian two dollar coin as being worth “two loonies.”

The RCMP said that this is the first time that they have seen a counterfeit coin ring in Canada and worry about the number of coins that have been placed in circulation. It is being reported that the quality of the coins are so good that it may be difficult for the ordinary consumer to tell the difference between the real and fake coins.

It would be interesting to have a copy of these coins as a collectible. If you have one of these loonies or toonies, and can verify that they are counterfeit, I will pay US$10 (total, plus postage) for one of each of the fake coins plus a real 2006 loonie and toonie. Package them as tokens and numismatic collectible that are not to be used as currency to satisfy customs requirements. Contact me to make arrangements.

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