The end of the 109th Congress brought a flurry of actions from both chambers as the members were looking to return home for the holidays. Many of the bills considered “non-substanative” was passed by voice vote. One of those bills was H.R. 3885, District of Columbia and United States Territories Circulating Quarter Dollar Program Act, sponsored by DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton.

H.R. 3885 was introduced to extend the program one year to to honor the District of Columbia and the territories: the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the United States Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Residents of these areas are US citizens and do pay federal taxes. Each adds their own part to the American culture, they should have a quarter to commemorate for when they became a territory. It could make the 2009 set one of the most beautiful one-year series of the entire program.

At the close of the session, in the early hours of Saturday, December 9, the House of Representatives passed the bill by unanimous consent and sent the bill to the Senate. The Senate adjourned shortly thereafter and never considered the bill.

Bills introduced in the 109th Congress do not carry over to the 110th Congress which is scheduled to convene on January 4, 2007. Del. Norton has indicated that she will reintroduce the bill at the beginning of the new congress.

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