Every so often, you have to buy a coin or a set of coins because they are just neat. Here is something about my recent purchase.

One of my non-numismatic interests are motorcycles. I used to love riding bikes in my younger days. It was fun to drive through the woods that were behind the house we lived in during my teen years. Unfortunately, real life has limited my current interest to watching the guys on American Chopper create neat bikes. For my mid-life crisis, I will buy a nice motorcycle—maybe one of those wonderful OCC bikes!

Last year, the Federal Republic of Somalia issued a set of six coins in the shape of guitars. These non-circulating legal tender coins were made from silver plated copper-nickel shapes and enameled with the design. They are non-circulating legal tender issued at the value of one dollar, even though the shilling is the standard currency of Somalia.

This year the theme is motorcycles. The six coin set is based on designs of Harley Davidson motorcycles and other bikes. With my interest in motorcycles, I decided to buy the set at the last Whitman Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention. I think these coins rank on the “oh neat” scale!

It is not enough to post images here, coins like these have to be displayed. I want a display that enhances their “oh neat” appeal. One idea is to frame the coin with a sheet of the Postal Service’s American Motorcycle Stamps. A full sheet of the stamps would be framed in the center of a mat and three coins on either side. But while surfin’ the Internet, I came across the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. In their Museum Gift Shop they offer the framed motorcycle stamps canceled on the First Day of Issue that were first made available at the 2006 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I may buy one and see if I can incorporate the coins into that display or use it for another.

Either way, these coins are neat!

Click on image to see a larger version.

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