In a grand announcement, Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) announced that he introduced H.R. 6184, America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008 that would change the reverse of the quarter dollar coins to be “emblematic of a national park or other historic site in each State, the District of Columbia, and each territory of the United States.”

Castle, who authored the 50 State Commemorative Coin Act, noted that the program will make more than $6.2 billion in revenue, which will be $3.7 billion more than non-state quarters.

Note to Rep. Castle: ENOUGH!

We know that the 50 State Quarter program was a success. Aside from the income, it helped introduce more people to collecting. The process brought good designs and bad designs. It introduced the coin making process to the public while allowing the states to create designs to allow them show off. After the states are completed, the District of Columbia and territories are get their turns next year.

During that time, we celebrated the Westward Journey by redesigning the nickel and started honoring our past presidents with a one dollar coin. Next year, we honor Abraham Lincoln with four different Lincoln Cents reverses and a special 2009-S VDB collectible. Even the reverse of the Sacagawea Dollar will undergo a change to honor Native American heritage.

Note to Rep. Castle: ENOUGH!

These programs have been nice. But maybe it is time for a break.

The Presidential Dollar program has waned, mainly because the coins are not circulating. Coins are not circulating because there is a perception that the paper Federal Reserve Note is easier to deal with. But it is known that congress will not change the law to end the one dollar note until the Bureau of Engraving and Printing can make up for the lost production. One way to do that is to print currency for other countries.

Note to Rep. Castle: what about helping BEP find foreign customers so that they are not relying on the printing of $1 FRN? Why not provide the environment so that BEP can bring in new business? Can you help the BEP do what it takes to print the polymer notes that many foreign countries are demanding?

Are you doing what is right or are you looking for a few dollars? Is there a call for this series or are you looking for a few dollars? Are you afraid that there may be some fatigue in this idea, or are you looking for a few dollars?

There seems to be a “collectors’ fatigue” with the number of offerings from the US Mint. It is time to give the collecting community a small break and allow congress to fix some of the other issues that fact the Mint.

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