In case you missed, I know I did, the Senate passed H.R. 6184, America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008 by unanimous consent. The bill calls for circulating quarters “that are emblematic of a national park or other national site in each State, the District of Columbia, and each territory of the United States.” The bill has been sent to the president for his signature, which is likely.

H.R. 6184 was introduced by Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE] who introduced the “The 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act” [Public Law 105-124]. Rather than honor states, this bill honors national parks or other historical site in each state. And this bill already included the District of Columbia and the insular territories.

I wrote it before: ENOUGH!

While I doubt the president will veto this bill, having another state-related quarter program is just too much. There is real chance for collector fatigue, especially during a stressed economy. I think it is the wrong time for this program.

The program will run from 2010 through 2018, two years longer than the projected duration for the Presidential $1 Coins.

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