Regular readers know I have an affection for television shows that are a cross between reality and history. This is why I like to watch The History Channel. On of my favorite shows on The History Channel is Modern Marvels, a show that shows the “secrets”s behind things we find in modern life. From ultimate gadgets to looking at the technology of our past, I find the show fascinating.

Thanks to a posting on the Collectors Society Forums, I found that Modern Marvels was doing a show about money. For fans of the show, The History Channel posted three of the segments on their website.

The first segment, titled “Centralization of Money” give a brief history of money in the United States from the chaos of every bank issuing currency through the basics of how the Federal Reserve interacts with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the US Mint.

In the second posted segment titled “Currency” traces its history from the Civil War to how the paper is made. Cameras follow the process through the creation of the cotton from blue jeans by Crane & Company. I like the animation as to how the intaglio printing works.

Finally, “Coin Production” also has a great animation that shows how master dies are used to make striking dies. Then the camera moves to the Mint’s production floor to show how the coins are made.

The History Channel does not allow us to embed their images on our websites. But if you go to the first segment, you can watch the three segments in sequence. I love this stuff!

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