U.S. Mint Philadelphia FacilityHello from Philadelphia!

I am in Philadelphia to attend the U.S. Mint’s Numismatic Forum. According to the U.S. Mint, “The purpose of the event is to gather leaders and stakeholders of the numismatic community to explore ways to stimulate and revitalize the hobby. As we approach the U.S. Mint’s 225th anniversary next year, we hope this unique opportunity to examine and discuss the Mint’s past, present and future will help move all the elements of the numismatic industry forward.”

I do not know who will be there but I am sure that I will see many of the regulars of the numismatic community. From the U.S. Mint, we will probably hear from the current Principal Deputy Director Rhett Jeppson and others from the Mint’s staff. Here is an overview of the schedule:

  • Arrival and welcome from the U.S. Mint along with introductions.
  • Recognizing the past:
    • U.S. Mint Heritage Assets overview
    • Smithsonian Numismatic Collection overview
  • The Present:
    • Mint product update and marketing initiatives update
    • “Invigorating the Coin Collecting Hobby” panel discussion
  • The Future: Workgroup discussions with reports from the workgroups
  • Visit to the Philadelphia Mint

For those of you who will not be there and would like to follow along, you can follow @coinsblog on Twitter as I send out periodic updates. The widget on the upper-right side of the page can also be used to follow the progress. Also, when I can post pictures, they will be copied to the Pinterest on the board “Numismatic Forum” or watch the widget below.

Of course, there will be a report posted over the weekend!

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