I begin every month with a review of the numismatic-related legislation that occurred in the previous month. Although congress returned to work on November 14, not much has been done. The services I subscribe to so that I can receive alerts on votes or signed legislation shows not much has been done except for a few bills that have unanimous support or asks to rename a building, park, or some other federal property in the name of a hometown hero.

Given the results of the election, sources say that the partisan rancor is so fervent that even the most cordial relationships have turned icy. These feelings are not limited to cross-party relationships. There is a growing divide between ideological members in both parties that could almost split the congress into four parties. Many are predicting more gridlock ahead—as if there was not gridlock in the past.

I continue to hope that congress can see past their personal issues and do something right like pass a commemorative coin program for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. If you have to name the top defining events of the 20th century, Apollo 11 has to be on that list.

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