Several news stories touted the collecting of coins and said that coins are a great teaching tool.

A Chicago Sun-Times article suggested that parents use national coin storage to teach their kids history and economics. Coins have images of presidents, and presidents represent history. For example, the 50 State Quarters and America the Beautiful Quarters can help teach geography and history. Even though the Ohio quarter has a hanging astronaut, a parent can use it to explain aviation history.

From Ghent, New York, Ralph Gardner Jr. asks if coin collecting is making a comeback? Gardner admits that regular coin collecting is not a good investment. The opportunity for change hunting is limited, and the regular collector market is dominated by graded coins that are out of the reach of ordinary collectors. But there continue to be opportunities for someone who likes coins to find something interesting to collect.

Finally, a New York Times print edition published an editorial cartoon that compared coin collecting to cryptocurrency. The gist of the cartoon was to show that while there may be investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, if something happens in either market, the coins are a tangible asset.

Recently, I received emails from people looking for information about buying collectible coins. Most have said they were participating in the crypto markets but were worried about its volatility. The number of messages increased this past week during a decline in the crypto market. The crypto investors with the capital are looking for a safe haven and choosing collector coins for their investment.

As a result, the collector and investor market appears to be strong. The only problem is understanding what everyone wants to collect.

And now the news…

 January 25, 2022
My children’s questions were about the monetary value coins hold, and the American values our country has branded onto coins’ heads and tails for centuries — both values now becoming outdated.  → Read more at

 January 27, 2022
This is just one of the stories from our “I’ve Always Wondered” series, where we tackle all of your questions about the world of business, no matter how big or small. Ever wondered if recycling is worth it?  → Read more at

 January 28, 2022
A DOLLAR coin said to be the first ever struck by the US Mint has sold for a whopping $12million. The silver dollar coin features the year of 1794 with Liberty’s head staring towards the top right on the obverse.  → Read more at

 January 29, 2022
A small part of the writer’s wheat penny collection. Wheat pennies, Buffalo nickels and silver quarters still bring a thrill when discoved in ordinary pocket change.   → Read more at
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