ANACS, the oldest certification service, has now published their population report. The report is accessible via the web and requires a free user account. Their population report not only includes the standard varieties, but also a listing of all of the errors of a particular type. For example, a search of 1976-P Type 2 Eisenhower Dollars shows that ANACS has graded Broadstruck, Clip, Double Clip, Double Struck, Die Adjustment Strike, Indent, Off-Center, Partial Collar, Split Planchet, Struck Thru, and Struck Thru Grease errors. I like that!

ANACS is also offering grading of Washington Dollars for $8 through March 31, 2007. There is a 10 coin minimum for their 10 day grading service. I may buy a roll from the bank and see what I can send to ANACS for grading because this is a good deal!

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