Based on some responses in my Twitter feed and via email, a number of people forgot what day it was and did not read yesterday’s post carefully.

To understand the post’s true condition, you have to consider the following:

  • The Chairman of the Federal Reserve is Ben S. Bernanke. His first name is really Ben, not Benjamin.
  • The law requires the Federal Reserve to distribute the one-dollar note. Only congress can vote to stop producing the note.
  • The Acting Director of the U.S. Mint is Richard A. Peterson, not Pederson.
  • Seignorage is deposited in the Public Enterprise Fund. No, the leaving out of the “d” in the original post was not a typo because I was having fun!
  • The Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is Larry Felix. I do not know a Larry Felinks. Maybe he is a long lost cousin of the director?
  • The company that supplies currency paper to the BEP is “Crane and Company.” The Sandhill Crane Company does not exist, but there is a bird called the sandhill crane. There is also a blue crane, but I am reasonably sure that there is no such person as Violet “Blue” Crane; or at least there is not one associated with Crane and Company. Maybe there is a Blue Crane working for Sandhill Crane? There is a joke in there that can use “Whooping Crane” which I will leave as an exercise to the reader!
  • Finally, when was the last time you heard the Fed Chairman concerned with coin collectors? The last line was added to emphasize the date.

In other words:


Besides, who is giving a blogger an exclusive story that does not appear elsewhere? Like the Orson Well’s broadcast of The War of the Worlds, all you had to do is change the channel (or check another source).

That was fun!

Now back to our regular numismatic content.

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