MSNBC on-air comparison of Jack Lew's autographAlthough new currency with the autograph of Secretary of the Treasury Jacob “Jack” Lew have yet to be issued, Treasury documents signed by Lew have been seen with a new autograph.

During his confirmation hearings, it was reported that Lew told Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana) that he made to the president “to make at least one letter legible.” It looks like he has made more than one letter legible based on the image broadcast by MSNBC.

Lew is not the only Treasury Secretary to change his autograph. Timothy Geithner did the same on his appointment. When asked about his autograph, Geithner said, “Well, I think on the dollar bill I had to write something where people could read my name. That’s the rationale.”

Not every autograph on U.S. currency could be considered legible. You can see all of the autographs on small size currency (since 1928) on this page at

I wish Lew kept his lewpts!

A mock-up of what Jack Lew's original signature would look like on a one-dollar note

A mock-up of what Jack Lew’s original signature would look like on a one-dollar note

Jack Lew autograph examples courtesy of MSNBC.
Tim Geithner autograph examples courtesy of American Public Media

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