One of the reasons for the delay with the Weekly World Numismatic News is that I have been looking into a report of worldwide e-commerce issues under the radar.

After ordering a box of flips and other storage products from a small company, a representative called to say that the transaction did not go through. According to the representative, overseas attackers are trying to hack shopping cart sites to steal merchandise and credit card information. Rather than attacking the entire site, the hackers are targeting individual shops. They are looking for sites that are not configured correctly.

During the telephone call, the representative said they turned off credit card verification and the system “throws the credit card away.” I know this vendor, but I am still not comfortable.

E-commerce is supposed to make purchasing goods and services more accessible. But when hackers are driving vendors to verify credit cards by telephone, it is not making e-commerce easy. Thankfully, I received an announcement for local shows. Maybe it’s time to spend money there.

By the way, a source told me that the Baltimore Convention Centre would be open when the Whitman Expo is scheduled in November.

And now the news…

 October 8, 2021
Subscribe now! EUREKA — Walker Hilbert sat on the ground one recent Saturday, next to a small mound of dirt. He waved a wand above the soil, and the device chirped encouragingly.  → Read more at

 October 14, 2021
King County sheriff warns of counterfeit bills FALL CITY, Wash. — A Fall City grocery store fell victim to a man using a counterfeit $100 bill Tuesday, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.  → Read more at
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 ANA College Scholarship Renamed (Oct 14, 2021)


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