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There are currently 18 names in this directory beginning with the letter G.
An epoxy coated plaster relief model of a coin, token or medal that is used in a reducing lathe to make a die or hub.

Used to describe higher grade uncirculated or proof coins that suggest it has a high aesthetic appearance.

German Silver
A synonym for a Feuchtwanger Metal.

Gobrecht Dollar
Silver dollars dated 1836,1838, and 1839 named for their designer, Christian Gobrecht, Chief Engraver from 1840-1844.

A yellow-colored metallic precious metal. Its chemical symbol is Au for the Latin arum.

Gold Certificates
Currency issued by the federal government backed by gold on deposit with the United States Treasury.

gold dollar
Small, one dollar gold coins struck from 1849 through 1889.

golden dollar
Promotional term used by the U.S. Mint to describe the small dollar coins produced since 2000 that has a gold-colored appearance but are made from a magnesium alloy.

An alloy of silver, gold and copper patented by Dr. William Wheeler Hubbell. Goloid consists of 1 part gold (about 3.6-percent), 24 parts silver (about 87.3-percent) and 2.5 parts copper (about 9.1%). Coins were not minted using goloid because they were indistinguishable from other silver coins and susceptible to undetectable counterfeiting.

A term used to describe the condition of a coin

A person that professionally evaluates the condition of coins.

The act of assessing the state of preservation and condition of a coin or medal.

Green Sheet
Nickname for the publication The Currency Dealers Newsletter, a pricing guide for currency dealers.

Slang term for legal tender United States currency printed in green on the back of the note.

Grey Sheet
Nickname for the publication Coin Dealers Newsletter, a pricing guide for coin dealers.

gripped edge
A series of indentation or grip marks around the edge of a coin. Some may be in the form of several parallel lines together that resemble reeds.

A British 20-shilling gold coin made from gold imported from Africa.

A German and Dutch term for "gold coin."

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