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There are currently 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter I.
Inaugural Medal
Medals issued on the occasion of the inaugurations of presidents. In the United States, it has been the practice that the inaugural committee arrange for the striking of inauguration medals.

incomplete strike
A coin that is missing design detail because of a problem during the striking process.

incuse design
Designs or lettering that are impressed into a coin instead of being raised. The Indian Head Quarter Eagles and Half Eagles gold coins are the only issued by the United States Mint to be struck with incuse designs.

A cast bar of precious metal typically oblong in shape. The weight, finess and the guarantor of the information are usually stamped into the ingot. Ingots are not legal tender items but worth their value in the metal which they are made.

The wording on a coin. See also legend.

A method of printing where ink is applied to engraved plates and then pressed into the paper. Printing in this manner gives the paper a texture from the raised ink. Intaglio printing is used on banknotes printed on paper.

intrinsic value
The value of the metal contained in a numismatic item.

Refers to the multi-colored, rainbow-like toning on a coin’s surface, especially of a silver coin.

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