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There are currently 23 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
waffle cancelled
When a coin is "cancelled" or processed so that it cannot be used, it is processed in a machine that turns the surface into a waffled effect. Waffel cancelled coins no longer have monetary value allowing the U.S. Mint to transport these coins to a recycler in a manner that will reduce cost and waste.

A form of money used by the native people of North America for commerce. This mone ywas made of white shells and beads. Later, colored beads were used to donte different denominations.

War nickel
Synonym for Wartime nickel.

Nickname for the Wartime nickel.

Wartime nickel
Five-cent coins struck during World War II with the composition 56-percent copper, 35-percent silver, and 9-percent manganese.

A design embedded into currency paper during its manufacture to prevent counterfeiting

watery look
Term for the wavy finish seen on the surfaces of most closed-collar Proof coins.

weak strike
Refers to a coin that does not show its intended detail because of low striking pressure or improperly aligned dies.

Signs of friction on a coin’s surface caused by normal handling and circulation.

The left over metal after the blanks are punched out of a sheet.

West Point
West Point is a city in Orange County, New York that is the home of the United States Military Academy. The silver bullion depository was opened in 1937 on the Academy campus. Coin production began in 1974 to supplement the production at the Philadelphia Mint. It was granted mint status in 1988. Non-circulating coins struck at West Point have the "W" mintmark. No mintmarks were struck into circulating coins and none are struck into precious metal coins produced for the bullion market.

wheel mark
This is a small circular scratch on the surface of a coin caused by a coin counting machine. See also counting machine mark.

An artificial process whereby the surface of a coin is buffed to give it the appearance of having natural cartwheel luster.

wire edge
Any coin with a thin, sharp rim that is caused when metal flows between a die and a collar during striking. Also, slang for the Wire Edge Indian Head eagle of 1907.

wire rim
Synonym for wire edge.

Wood's Hibernia Coins
Coins struck by William Wood in Ireland 1822-24. These coins were unpopular in Ireland but found a home in the American Colonies where they circulated like legal tender coins.

wooden nickel
Wooden "coins" were first used in 1931 as a substitute for coins during the Great Depression. They were first used in Tenino, Washington. Today, wooden nickels are used for souvenir and advertising.

working die
A die created from a working hub that is used to strike coins.

working hub
A hub created from a master die that is used to create the working dies.

world coins
Coins from countries other than your home country.

worn die
A die that has been used for so long that the details have begun to wear down, resulting in a coin with less than adequate details.

Wreath Cent
A variety of the 1793 Cent with a wreath on the reverse.

wrong metal
A synonym for off metal.

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