Unrest continues in the mining communites of South Africa as the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) ups their efforts to calm the rank and file. The NUM, an ally of the ruling African Nationa Congress (ANC), have rejected calls to exploit the termoil for the benefit of the workers.

The strike has virtually shut down the Lonmin mine that supplies 19-percent of the platinum to the world.

Gold One is reporting that the wildcat strike that caused four injuries yesterday was open on Tuesday. However, the nearby Aurora mine also owned by Gold One remains closed.

Former ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema
(Courtesy of Mail & Guardian)

Worker unrest is happening during the campaign for control of the ANC. Former youth leader Julius Malema has been travelling to the effected mines blaming President Jacob Zuma for anti-worker policies and accusing the NUM of partnering with the ANC not in the benefit of the workers.

Malema was expelled from the ANC for “ill discipline.”

Lonmin and Gold Fields stock, already depressed prior to current events, are down even further on the United States and South African markets. Trading on Gold Fields stock in South Africa has been halted on market trading rules.

Currently, gold and platinum prices are trading based on current economic conditions with futures looking at December delivery of these metals. An analyst interviewed for this story said that if the unrest continues, the futures prices will not be affected until late January or early February deliveries are traded—which could begin later in September.

The Coin Collectors Blog will continue to monitor the international reporting and market reaction for their effect on metals prices. Stay tuned!


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